Milk Chocolate
Spicy Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Have you ever experienced drinking the most wonderful cup of rich, creamy hot chocolate?

A beverage full of flavor, not too sweet, that filled you with warmth and comfort… absolutely delicious! An experience so satisfying that it made you want to tell your friends. Well, neither had we so we went about creating it.

In 2003, my father in law Karl Uddenberg and I opened our chocolate café in an attempt to bring some of the world’s finest chocolate to Canada. Our journey opened our eyes and pallets to some amazing chocolate. The one thing we hadn’t discovered was an exceptional drinking chocolate. So we began to experiment with different blends of specialty chocolate, rich cocoa and spices to achieve the right combination. I truly believe we accomplished our goal.

We invite you to share our passion. Enjoy a delicious cup of Uddenberg’s premium hot chocolate. It’s so good, you may be tempted to keep it all for yourself but don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.
It’s our family’s favorite… why not make it yours?

Basically to die for... something to tell your friends about.